A purely theory-based project management may not give you optimal results because a suit best fits when tailor-made.

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Not your everyday project management

We support you from the first idea to the final project implementation
always focusing on communication.

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The plan is nothing;
planning is everything.

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It's nothing more than a combination of art, science and expertise.

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No one is as effective on their own as they are with others.


Be different
to be noticed more easily.

  • A Novel Idea
  • Future Vision
  • Virtue
  • Brand Personality
  • Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Communication


We are at your Service

In addition to managing the entire process,
we are here if you need someone who is involved in the birth of an idea,
a partial process, an image element or even in the production of a show.

Project Management

Every team needs someone who sees the wood for the trees, and has an eye on the big picture.

We offer your project members a broad vision and guidance inspiring and encouraging them to outgrow themselves. This ultimately gets the best out of your professionals and your project.

A consultant’s outsider’s view brings in a fresh perspective and helps to quickly overcome organizational blindness.

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LEAN Solutions

One should always make decisions at the actual place (genba), identify the origin of the problem (genbutsu), based on real facts and data (genjitsu).

The problem cannot be solved or understood without applying this method. We firmly believe in this approach.

LEAN statements are far more than empty words for us, so let’s roll up our shirt sleeves and head to the location.

Visual Communication

Sometimes words alone are not sufficient to effectively transport a process or story.

With innovative visual communication, you can effectively reach your defined target group.

Whether it’s a manufacturing process, an upcoming event, or even an entire documentary, we’re here for you. Trust our expertise.


We’ve had enough of greenwashing, so don’t even look for us if you just want to show nice pictures in a report.

We are your partner in crime if you want to make a real difference and communicate your efforts transparently.

Your single source for sharing your contribution to make this world a better place: from data collection, sustainability report to video creation.


Don’t like marketers? We neither!

Marketing is more important than leaving it to marketing consultants. However, there are times when you need some extra insight, an inspiration from the outside, that “good advice from a friend”.

These would be us, the spice that makes the food perfect.

Let’s make something
great together

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